Frequently Asked Questions

Does DnD Campaign Planner Cost Anything?

DnD Campaign Planner is a free tool. Though if you would like to donate to the site you may do so here:

By default the following categories are added to a campaign upon creation.
  • Characters
  • Villains
  • Organizations
  • Events
  • Monsters
  • Locations
  • Magic Items
  • Miscellaneous
After creation, you are free to create any categories that fit your campaign!
Add as many players to a campaign as you like! Even if you have people that just want to be included in on the fun, they are welcome too!
At this time there is no limit to the amount of campaigns that can be created.
When a campaign item is created, DnD Campaign Planner gives you the ability to create a connection from that item to another item. For example, you may create an organization and want to create connections from characters to that organization. When viewing the connections they will be displayed in a network diagram showing all of the visible connections as well as details about the connections when hovering.
As the DM (admin), you will have the ability to view everything that has been entered, whether it is made visible to the players or not. So you may see Items or Connections that they are not able to see.