Pile of Books

Managing campaigns can be difficult at times. We wanted to provide the ability to include information about your campaign that could be easily searched and referenced later. You have the ability to create any categories that you need (heroes, villains, events, locations) and categorize your campaign items under them. You can then invite your players to your campaign and give them access to only the pieces that you want them to see, giving the Fog of War feel in a text format.

Network Diagrams

Network Diagram

When creating your campaign items, we wanted to give the ability to link items together. Does Frodo know Gandalf? Yes! Then we may want to include a connection between the two saying where they met, what year, what were the emotions around the event. You can add any details on these connections that feel pertinent to the connection. Then when viewing these items, it will be conveniently displayed on a network diagram, giving a visual representation of connections sprouting off of an item.


Network Diagram

Sometimes when creating a campaign item, you may want to have a timeline associated with it. Maybe you want to show the history of a city, or show where an item was through the passage of time. This is a simple tool to just display details about a campaign item in a timeline format. As with most of the other features on the site, you have the ability to display or hide these items from your players. This was a community requested feature, so remember if there is something you wanna see, be sure to voice your thoughts!

Hidden Content

Crossed out Eye

When playing a ttrpg there are many times when there will be details that the player doesn’t know. That doesn’t mean that you won’t want to add these details to your campaign! So throughout many of the features we’ve built out, we have added in the ability to display or hide content from the players. This gives you more control over what a player can see at any given time, giving more flexibility when adding details to your campaign. We even gave the ability to display or hide connections in the Network Diagram to easily display connections when they become pertinent.


Notepad and Pencil

This is a simple tool for taking notes. DM’s or Players can create notes and share them out with the rest of the people in the campaign. We included a simple revision history to view who has made what changes, and a way to see what notes are shared. When taking notes, you have the ability to link to campaign items right from the editor using the `@` key followed by the name of the campaign item. There isn’t much to this feature, but what is a campaign manager without the ability to take notes!

Map Hotspots

Notepad and Pencil

This is probably one of my favorite features. When viewing a campaign item, there are times when I want to know more details about an image that I am viewing. This tool allows you to add additional information to an image using pins and tooltips. We included an easy to use tool to upload images, then drag pins over the image to wherever you want. You can then add information to these pins that the players can view when hovering over the pins on the view screen. Like other features, we built in the ability to display and hide these pins at your leisure.

Character Sheets

Notepad and Pencil

This was a long coming feature, and honestly still a work in progress. We wanted to create a tool for DM’s to manage their campaigns, but also tools for players to use to help make their experience a little smoother. Currently, users have the ability to create as many character sheets as they want. When using the character sheet, there are auto rollers in certain places to help make creating the character sheet easier. You can upload images, keep track of spells, and basically anything you could do on a traditional character sheet. In the future, we plan to build out a character builder tool to help walk through the character creation process.

Gm Screen

Notepad and Pencil

Have there been times when you were in the middle of a game and you needed some information quickly about conditions, movement, or any other obscure rules? GM/DM screens, for me, have always been very helpful with little tidbits of information. This tool allows you to build out a digital DM/GM screen with whatever information you may need. We included out of the box widgets to use for initiative tracking, random names, bounty boards, etc. We also include a Markdown widget so you can add any other bits of information that you need using markdown. This will be an evolving feature, so keep an eye out for cool updates in the future!

Initiative Tracker

Notepad and Pencil

This is an easy to use tool to track initiative order when playing your games. Add your players and monsters and easily sort them with the click of a button. There are automatic dice rollers built in if you want to automatically roll initiative, or if players roll you can input their numbers and just hit the sort button. This same initiative tracker is included in the GM screen. An easy to use initiative tracker to help manage initiative. The initiative tracker can be accessed here.