New Updates (10/16/21)!

Posted on Oct 16, 2021 by Admin

New Releases!

Hello All!

I typically like to do a quick update on the updates in the announcements section of the site but this update was pretty big and I didn't want to miss anything!

Notable updates that are now present on the site:

  • I added in a timeline feature to campaign items. You can now create a simple timeline attached to you campaign item (characters, villains, etc.). This will be useful to some and not others, so moving forward when I add new features like this I plan to hide tabs that currently aren't being used for an item. For example, if you have not timeline items added (or none are visible to the player) the tab will not display for your players. The same goes for connections, if there are currently no connections available the tab will no longer display on the view screen.
  • If was requested to give the ability to maximize the connections box on the screen. There is now a maximize button in the top right corner of the connections box that will maximize the connections in your web browser.
  • There is a new tool added called the "Statblock Generator". This is a markdown editor that will format the statblock to look more like the 5E styling that is used.
  • There were some code upgrades behind the scenes to help keep everything up to date and hopefully more secure moving forward.

Now for one of the big additions that will be coming, though it is going to take some time to put together. I'm in the process of creating a mobile app!  For the beginning iteration of the app, it will mostly be used for managing characters.  I am fairly new to the mobile app world so starting with characters was the easiest place to get started.

I am still in the process of figuring out if I need to include the ability to edit the campaigns from a mobile app as well. It may be view only for the campaign portion, not sure, still working through it.  The main issue is usability, typically with the "admin" type interfaces, a desktop page tends to be the best editing experience, so I still need to do some more digging in regards to the UI.

I believe that pretty much covers all of the new updates and some future plans. If you have any questions or run into any issues with the new updates please reach out!

Happy Questing!