Tabletop Marketplace has Launched!

Posted on Mar 16, 2021 by Admin

Tabletop Marketplace

I’ve been working on a Virtual Tabletop platform called Tabletop Marketplace for the last 12 months, and it is finally in an Alpha Release!  I wanted to create a platform that was easy to use and not overly complicated that provided an assortment of pre-made assets to utilize.  I was able to partner with some amazing creators to provide their resources for use on the site.

So what can you do with Tabletop Marketplace? We provide the ability to play tabletop games online with your friends (or your enemies if you're into that kind of thing) in real-time. You can build out your maps using the available assets, or by uploading your own. We have a number of cool features that you can utilize in game.


Fifth Edition SRD Monster/Spells

Within the chat, you can search the 5E SRD monsters and spells by using chat commands. For instance, if you type in /5e monster Rug of Smothering, that entry from the ruleset will be displayed in the chat.  Currently that is for everyone in the game to see, but we intend on expanding that feature to allow for privately viewing that information.


Fog of War

Sometimes when running a game, you don’t want your players to see everything that is going on in the map.  With fog of war, we provide the ability to only display the parts of the map that you want to be visible to the players.  We include an eraser tool for the fog, so you can clear just the pieces that you want to be visible in any shape, or formation that you require.


Different Maps

Each game can have an unlimited number of “game boards”. Say for instance you have multiple maps that you need to create for your campaign.  With the game boards feature, you can create and switch between different boards.  When you switch boards, they are automatically selected and displayed for your players.


Free Drawing

Maybe you just need to draw something on the map really quick for your players to see, or to circle an important point on the battlemap. We have a free drawing tool that allows you to draw on the game board with an assortment of different color options.


These are just a few of the features that we currently provide on Tabletop Marketplace, and we are planning on adding even more in the coming months. We currently have over 600 free assets available to use in your games, with a lot more that will be added in the coming weeks.

Tabletop Marketplace is free, with a paid tier if you would like to unlock some additional features, or if you would just like to support the project. We are currently in an alpha state, so there will be some bugs and fine tuning that we will be doing day to day. You can checkout Tabletop Marketplace at We hope to see you over there!

Happy Questing!