Custom Character Drawings by Valiant Graphics

Posted on Sep 29, 2022 by Admin

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Valiant Graphics | Rhogar the Dragonborn Monk

Have you ever wanted to have a custom character portrait created for your dungeons and dragons game? One of the most enjoyable parts of dungeons and dragons for myself, and many others, is creating content. This includes creating new characters constantly. There are many tools out there to help you create a character. Even on this very site, we have a character builder tool that allows you to create a character with the 5E ruleset. But I often find myself wanting artwork to accompany new characters. So where can you go to find high quality character art? Valiant Graphics of course!

Valiant Graphics is an awesome service that I've used in the past to create all sorts of different artwork. They are a team of about 30 people who are passionate about the art that they create. I've used them multiple times for different art pieces including D&D art as well as T-Shirt design. They have recently moved into creating fantasy artwork, specifically for Dungeons and Dragons, though they have always been open to any type of artwork you may need them to do! Do you need a portrait for your Dragonborn Sorcerer? Or maybe something to show off how you imagine your High Elf Ranger would look. Then look no further!

Valiant Graphics has a few different options to get started in creating the perfect interpretation of your character. If you are unsure of how you want your character to look, Valiant Graphics can do a concept sketch for only $20. At the time of this writing they have a special going on for the low price of $9 for the first 20 buyers! If you act now, they are also running a special that includes a custom D&D 5E character sheet with any purchase of the Standard and Premium orders. But if you want in on this special deals, you’ll want to act fast. This is only going to last for the first 100 orders!

So if you are in the market for some custom, professionally drawn artwork, then I recommend checking them out. If your interested in checking out this service, you can find Valiant Graphics here!

Hope you find this helpful and Happy Questing!

Disclaimer: This is the promotion of a product, but I don't get compensated for promoting this service. I just really enjoy their services and have used them in the past. Hope that you all find this service as useful as I have!