Major Improvement Just Released!

Posted on May 31, 2021 by Admin

New Releases!

Hello Everyone!

I know that sometimes I'm a little slow when it comes to making updates on the site. Life always tends to get in the way and slows down progress. But i'm happy to announce a few new updates that I was able to get into place this weekend.  These are updates that have been highly requested and i'm happy to announce the ability to make your campaigns public and to create your own categories!

Previously, we only allowed for the ability to share your campaigns with specific people.  This allowed you to have a private campaign with just you and your players.  Now, when editing a campaign, in the settings menu, there is an option to make the campaign public.  This will allow anyone with the URL to access the campaign, however, they will only be able to view the campaign in the player mode.

With this came the Tavern.  This is a section of the site created to act as a hub for all of the campaigns that are shared publicly.  When a campaign is made public, it will appear on the tavern page, and users will have the ability to search through all of the shared campaigns. Until now we haven't used the campaign description input, but when sharing a campaign that value is pulled in as well as the image set for the campaign. Oh yeah, did I mention you can set an image for your campaign now? I made so many updates this weekend it's hard to remember them all!

Finally, probably the biggest update that has been made on the site in a long time is the ability to create custom categories.  Previously it was locked down to just a few specific categories, with requests coming in to add additional ones.  When a new campaign is created, the original categories will still be included by default, but can be altered now.  Going to the edit campaign page, there is now a new tab called "Categories".  In this new section you can add, remove and update existing categories.  With this I wanted to provide the ability to update the colors and icons for the categories so that is included as well. I have included a great assortment of icons from that can be used to set the icon for the category, which will appear on the tab of the category.  The color selectors are in place to adjust the colors that appear for the categories on the connections diagram. This will allow the ability to change the background color (Node Color) and the font color of the items as they appear in the diagram.

As always, if there are features you wanted added feel free to reach out. I'm not the quickest when it comes to new features (hence life getting in the way), but I do take requests seriously and they are added to my queue.

These were very substantial updates, and lots of code had to be touched. So if you find any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm not perfect and i'm sure there are bugs here and there!

Happy Questing!