The Book of Random Tables: Quests

Posted on Feb 1, 2021 by Admin

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When I started writing this blog, I never intended for it to so heavily promote products. However, in the tabletop space, there are so many different valuable resources available, it seems crazy not to share them. Today I’m writing about one of those resources. Do you ever feel like you are running short on adventure ideas? Do you need something small to add to your existing adventure? I enjoy coming up with my own adventures. Creating a wonderous world, full of magic and mystery, but that can be time consuming and I don’t always have the time. That’s where “The Book of Random Tables - QUESTS” by Matt Davids comes in.

This resource includes about 80 pages (give or take on the table of contents, etc) of adventure hooks and quests to help you create a fun adventure for your players. This book is set up in a d100 fashion. If you want to pick a random adventure, all you have to do is roll the dice! I have personally used this resource on a few occasions, and it has made for some very enjoyable moments at the game table.

For instance, in one of my games, I chose to use the adventure hook “The party must find a bandit gang’s hideout in a huge forest.”. This made for a good starting point in creating the adventure.  Before long, it sprouted into the players having to talk to the quirky gnome on the edge of the city that owned the local junk yard before they found the bandits.  Oh, and when they found the bandits, they weren’t as bad as previously believed!

On another occasion I took a number of these adventure hooks, and created a quest board at the local tavern.  This allowed for my players to go and pick an adventure that they wanted to do.  This was honestly one of the funnest things I’ve ever done in one of my games. It gave the players the feeling that what they chose really mattered, and less of just the DM deciding what was going to happen.

QUESTS is a really useful book, full of hundreds of adventure hooks.  Some of the topics include:

  • Dungeon Hooks

  • Royal Quests

  • Sea Quests

  • And Meta-Quests

There are 10 different sections in this book, with 100 quest or adventure hooks per section. If you would like to check this book out, you can find it on amazon here. You can find more resources by Matt Davids at DICEGEEKS

If you are looking for something with a little more detail, that you could use in tandem with this resource, I recommend checking out the My Random Campaign on DonJon’s site.  This generator can help build out the world that your adventures can take place in. It will generate the world name, government, NPC’s and other important information you may need for your world.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Questing!


P.S. I am in no way being compensated for recommending this resource, I just really enjoy this book!