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Posted on Dec 28, 2022 by Admin

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Hello Everyone! 

We have a new kickstarter launching soon that we wanted to tell you about. Earlier this year we posted about some top down monsters tokens that we created and had really great feedback! So we decided to create a kickstarter to hopefully create them in bigger batches for you! These are going to be 1/8" thick tokens that are UV printed on acrylic. The print is durable, and the acrylic makes it easy for transport. If you would like to see more details about this and get notified when the kickstarter goes live, check it out here!

I'm a huge TTRPG fan. I really enjoy creating vibrant worlds for my players to enjoy. I also tend to move around a lot and have limited space for resources and gaming materials. Creating these tokens was a way of contributing to a community that I love as well as making something that I could use in my games. I wish that I could give you a crazy story about how these tokens came to life but I can't! The biggest struggle was convincing my wife that this was a good idea!

I've been working with an amazing artist named jonann_art over the last couple years to develop the artwork that are used on these tokens. We have a huge selection, but to start with we are going to have to limit the number of tokens that we can print. Logistically, it's difficult to provide 200 options at launch! Just know that we have more token options coming as well as art work being created regularly to continue to expand the lineup.

If you would like to get access to the artwork that we are going to be using, checkout our Patreon page. All of the artwork that we are using is going to be available for patrons to use in a digital format! You can check out our patreon page here:

Thanks everyone for your support through the last couple years, it's been amazing!

Happy Questing!