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New Features


If you are reading this post you managed to find you way to DnDCampaignPlanner.com.  We are a small operation that really enjoys tabletop games! As the title says, we focus more on Dungeons and Dragons than we do many others, but the tool we have created can be used for many different tabletop games. See, what we have created is a storytelling tool that can be used to help organize your campaigns and to help your players to remember what is happening or has happened previously. We have all been part of that campaign that ends up with intricate connects and then whoopsies, you’ve gone several weeks without playing. This tool lets you easily search for characters, places, organizations, etc. in an easy interface as well as take notes in your campaign.  Better yet, like social media platforms, you can tag those created items in your notes easily, so you can take detailed notes without taking up to much time.

One of the signature features we have built that (we hope) is helpful to everyone is the ability to create connections between items and have them display in a nice network diagram.  This allows users, for instance, to easily see what characters are a part of that “evil” organization that keeps popping up and causing trouble! This feature also allows you to input events that may be happening in your campaign, and as they happen in the campaign you have the ability to display them to the players (or as happens a lot, the players go off and do something completely different, so what you had planned doesn’t matter!).  As with the rest of the system, we provide the ability to only display the items or connections that you want your players to see.

Event Network Diagram

The other feature that we have recently incorporated is the ability to add images to the items you create.  This allows you to add character images, maps, and pictures of scenery for example, that you want your players to be able to view.  Currently you can add images to items as well as add images to additional parts within those items.

Image Upload Tool

We intend to continue to provide new features, but if you have any thoughts about what should be added, or if there are any bugs please reach out and let us know!

Happy Questing!


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash